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William Vacchiano © 2016 Brian A. Shook

Quotabale Quotes

Famous Quotes by William Vacchiano

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“Those players who can’t transpose are mere buglers; those who can are musicians.”

“Heroes turn into martyrs on this instrument.”

“You have to light up the room with your sound.”

“Don’t rape the feminine endings.”

“Staccato notes must be as sharp as needles.”

“To the artist, the notes are secondary; the effect (sound) is uppermost.”

“Don’t use the tongue as a weapon; it merely releases the air. There should be air waiting as the tongue is released.”

“Relax and ‘open the doors of the chest’ for the low notes.”

“Below low E, the trumpet is too rich to use vibrato. It is like putting butter on butter.”

“If you can’t play in tune with yourself, it’s like not having a girlfriend.”

“The difference between a cornet and a trumpet is that you can’t hear the cornet past the third row.”