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William Vacchiano © 2016 Brian A. Shook

Audio and Video Interviews

Audio and Video Interviews of William Vacchiano

Vacchiano tells the story of how he started on the trumpet.

Vacchiano talks about orchestral style and playing for RodziƄski and Bruno Walter, with some tips on how to play Strauss’s Ein Heldenleben.

Vacchiano describes his lessons with Max Schlossberg, transposition, equipment choices, and recording Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2.

Vacchiano tells the story of how he and Izzy Blank met Edward Llewellyn in Chicago at the World’s Fair.

Vacchiano stresses the importance of transposition and how it helps train the student to become a better musician.

Vacchiano talks about Nat Prager and Johnny Ware, and the story behind the off-stage solo from Bernstein’s recording of Mahler’s Symphony No. 3.

Vacchiano discusses how to use vibrato properly.

Charlie Schlueter talks about his lessons with Vacchiano and Maynard Ferguson’s first appearance with the New York Philharmonic.